What do I need to decorate my Jeep for the parade?

All Jeeps should have some form of lighted holiday decorations and all decorations must be family-friendly. We highly recommend LED lighting.

You will need a power inverter as well. The size of the inverter you will need is determined by the amount and type of lighting you have. LED lighting draws significantly less power.

Whatever you choose, we highly recommend you test all of your decorations and your inverter prior to arrival. You can do this by hooking up your inverter to your Jeep and hooking all of your decorations to it. Start your Jeep and leave all of your decorations on for at least five minutes. If everything stays running your should be fine.

We also recommend “test decorating” your Jeep ahead of time. By doing so, you’ll see where you may need extra small extension cords and cable ties. If you plan on using cable ties, don’t forget a small cutter to remove your decorations after the parade.

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