Registration for the 2020 Food Ride is open!

Due to COVID-19, we will not be having the daytime trail ride, but are still having the lighted parade in the evening. We hope to have the Trail Ride return in 2021!

The hungry still need our help now more than ever. Make the drive over and join us for the lighted parade and food donation. Rotary Lights and Pischke Motors are happy to support our efforts. Can’t make it on the 19th? Make a monetary donation and we’ll shop for you! Help us reach our goal of 2500 food items for 2020. Our monetary goal for 2019 is $2000. If you can’t join us for the ride, click the donate link above and help us help the hungry!

2020 Monetary Donation Meter
25% To Goal
Halfway There!
Almost there!
Goal reached - Thank you!

2019 was our 18th year. Due to growth, we required pre-registration. We had 45+ Jeeps from 3 states and put 35+ Jeeps through Rotary Lights. We had guests from high school age all the way through “well past” retirement. Jeep styles range from “right off the dealership lot” to highly modified trail rigs. In 2017, we donated over 3556 items to Rotary Lights food collection efforts.

It looks to be another amazing year helping the hungry! This year’s event is Saturday, December 19th. If you would like to see the lighted Jeep parade, be at the park by 6:00 p.m., our estimated time of arrival.

If you’d like to learn more or follow our cause, the Facebook page for this ongoing event is at or you can email for more information.

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