Don’t have a Jeep? Can’t make it on the day of the ride?

You can still help us help the hungry by filling out the form below.

Donations are accepted all year long. Any donation made after the previous year’s food ride will be credited to the following year. 


  • Jeep Food Ride Donation

    Welcome to the donation page for the Jeep Food Ride. While we'd love to see you in a Jeep, we appreciate your monetary support!

    Your monetary donation will be combined with other donations to purchase food in bulk, making the biggest impact for our local food pantries.

    Thank you for helping us help the hungry!
  • If you are part of a Company or Organization (such as Pischke Motors, Oktoberfest USA, etc. ), please enter that info here so we can properly account for your donation.

  • If you elect to be thanked publically, we'll only thank you by name. Your amount is never published.
  • Any amount helps and we are thankful for your support. Your donation goes 100% towards food - no fees are taken out!

    On average, $1 buy 1 food item.

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  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

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